So You Want to Start a T-Shirt line? Here Are 7 Ways to Jumpstart Your T-Shirt Brand!

 Welcome to the official Sleep Is For Suckers blog! The first of many. Here I will be giving you all a spill into my business life. Many people have asked me how did I successfully build my brand. Over the years I have made thousands of dollars selling t-shirts but I would be lying if I told you that didn't come with hard work, sleepless nights, and sacrifices.

Here are some tips and advice on jumpstarting your T-Shirt Brand:
1. A mindset of selling a message, not selling a t-shirt. Your customer is BUYING the message, the concept and above all your story. They're paying for your idea. Physical product just happens to come with it.
2. You need a wholesaler to get products (t-shirts, hats, etc.) at a wholesale price. Blank t-shirts can cost up to $6 from a retailer, but wholesale can be as low as $2. One that I use is
3. A strong design that needs no explanation. Although you have a cool concept and great story, if the design requires you to explain what your brand means to the customer, it's not strong enough. Try to create something that if it was hanging up in a store, someone who doesn't know you would pick it up without thought. It's best not to include your name or an unrecognizable design. 
4. A good printer. You need a print shop that specializes in clothing brands. Some shops focus on mass orders being family reunion shirts, employee uniform shirts, giveaways, etc., which seemingly is the same process, but its not. You need someone in the print shop that understands the details, sizing, and color importance when printing. You need a shop that understands the difference between mesh counts and ink types when it comes to screen printing.
5. An easy to use website. Something simple that allows customers to order and check out. I like websites that allows you to buy straight off the first page of the website. A lot of brands have cool graphics, great imagery, and an awesome video right on the landing page, but then you have to click the "SHOP" tab to get to the apparel. The more steps someone has to take to buy, the more sales you will lose.
6. You need to show that other people are buying your shirts. Every customer, especially in the beginning of your journey, needs to send you pics of them wearing the shirts. That's how you create a movement.
7. Keep promoting even when you feel like sales aren't coming in. You're going to need determination to build your brand. No one is going to hand you success. It's going to be hard but don't quit working. Some people won't like your brand but don't quit working. You will be sick, tired, frustrated, overwhelmed, emotional, distraught, sad, discouraged some days...just don't quit working.
If you apply these tips to your brand, results will come as long as you're consistent. If you need coaching and mentorship book me for a one on one private session. I will analyze your current business model or idea and put my mind and resources to work. I will also craft a custom campaign, marketing and branding strategy specifically to fit your concept. It's time to level up your brand! Click here to get started:
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